About me

Father of 3 daughters, road-biker  mountain-biker  tennis addict, used to be a great golfer, negotiator with software and hardware vendors, loves webshops, gadgets (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phone, Mac, Windows 8).

According to my linkedin profile I am:

“Experienced in the interlinked areas of software licencing, education market, software distribution. My knowledge of ICT and education, combined with in depth knowledge of different licensing models, gives me the opportunity to set up licensing structures which are very attractive for both the vendor and the educational institution. My focus on value for educational institutions leads to better and broader usage of technology in their primary educational process. My excellent social skills make it easy for me to create and maintain long term relationships. During my years as a consultant I proved to be able to quickly see through complex issues and simplify them.”

Sounds great :), but that is the business “me”.

The top of this page says it all. A father, who loves his daughters, cannot get enough of sports, “blessed” with a body full of “defects” which leads to a distorted relation between ambition and reality when it comes to sport :). Besides that I love gadget and am in the fortunate circumstance that I have someone who is able to control my enthousiasm. Besides that I love my work every day, all day long!


http://www.charlesstork.com is a personal project of Charles Stork. All views, thoughts, and ideas expressed are solely Charles Stork’s and do not reflect the views or opinions of any organization or business. Charles Stork is not paid or in any way compensated by the companies whose products and services are reviewed or mentioned on this blog.


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