Windows XP Migratie Sessie, SLBdiensten en Microsoft.


In de loop van 2014 stopt Microsoft met de ondersteuning van Windows XP. Daarom organiseerde SLBdiensten op maandag 10 juni te Schiphol samen met Microsoft een speciale bijeenkomst waar onderwijsinstellingen volledig werden bijgepraat over wat er komt kijken bij een migratie vanaf Windows XP. Continue reading


The CSBA Conference

DirAction USA Booth at CSBALast week DirAction USA exhibited at the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in San Francisco. It always gives us a positive vibe to get out in the field and talk to educators and board members. Everyone seems to be working on the same goal; Improving education and the future of our children.

We were surprised by the number of schools that were looking to implement laptops and tablets into their curriculum. It looks like the majority of schools is working towards the goal of one device per child. Everyone does it at their own pace, but it was clear that a lot of things were happening. Continue reading

Rocketship Education, bridging the gap!

A lot has been written and said about the Rocketship Education organization, their Charter Schools and their way of educating students. For those of you that have never heard about Rocketship I will give a quick intro.

Rocketship was founded by John Danner, a 45-year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur and onetime public school teacher. Their schools are bridging the achievement gap, the difference in academic performance between poor and privileged children. The gap influences the path a young life takes. Poor children are likely to enter school already behind, never catch up and then drop out. This has a huge impact on their economic future. Continue reading