The CSBA Conference

DirAction USA Booth at CSBALast week DirAction USA exhibited at the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Annual Education Conference and Trade Show in San Francisco. It always gives us a positive vibe to get out in the field and talk to educators and board members. Everyone seems to be working on the same goal; Improving education and the future of our children.

We were surprised by the number of schools that were looking to implement laptops and tablets into their curriculum. It looks like the majority of schools is working towards the goal of one device per child. Everyone does it at their own pace, but it was clear that a lot of things were happening.

The ruggedness, battery life and the fact that the Classmate PC is just like any other laptop appealed to a lot of visitors at our booth. We were told that they had lost quite a few tablet devices over the last year due to students accidently dropping them. We believe that the Classmate can deal with this in a better way.

The simplicity and low pricepoint of our computer lab solution got quite some interest as well. All in all it was a good show for DirAction.

Special note for the Dutch readers:

Willem Karssenberg told me last week that he had missed me at the i&i conference. Let me tell you that I miss you all as well. The old “uit het oog maar niet uit het hart” definitely applies here. When I am walking around at conferences I am constantly looking at people and thinking who they would be in the Netherlands. Louis Hilger, Willem Karssenberg, Aad van der Drift, Frans Peeters, Karin Winters, Annet Smith and Florina Blokland are the ‘usual suspects’ I am looking for. I have actually found a few of you at last week’s show, you might recognize yourself 🙂

By the way, I loved the booth with the detection dog. He would have a ball in the Netherlands… 🙂



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